Secure and Reliable platform for your EDI Transactions

Receive, Generate and Send EDI standard business documents with ease

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B2B trading over AS2
Automated Secure B2B File Transfer
Secure Exchange of EDI documents

Smarter way to handle data exchange through EDI

EDIGateway is a cloud-based innovative web portal replacing paper-based, traditional exchange of EDI. Improve speed, accuracy and scalability of business transactions while addressing growing business needs.

Communication Between Trading Partners
Automated exchange of business information between two trading partners without human handing
Supporting EDI Messages
Send and receive EDI standard business documents such as 850 Purchase Order, 810 Invoice etc.
Manage Trading Partners
Gain full control of managing your supply chain trading partners
Embrace Cloud for EDI

Modernize B2B integration with
good old EDI standard

Traditional EDI has evolved significantly over the years and has become a common standard of communication within the supply chain. EDI Gateway wraps the EDI in innovative systems and business environments enabling the secure exchange of files using commonly used communication protocols (e.g., AS2, SFTP, HTTPS).

Easy as using web based email
EDI Automation

Supporting multiple EDI formats and versions

EDI Gateway provides different standards, flavors and versions of EDI message support facilitating order-to-cash and procure-to-pay workflows. It works as an interface between internal systems and EDI format allowing transactions of purchase orders, invoices, shipping notes etc. Currently, it supports X12, EDIFACT and more formats will be available soon.

Seamless Integration with existing B2B applications
Optimize costs with pay-as-you-go approach
Streamlined supply chain

Gain full control of managing your supply chain partners

Control the connectivity and secure data exchange with your trading partners. Automate EDI transactions by configuring authentication and security information for each trading partner.

Modernize B2B integration with EDI

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